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The Casement window opens inwards or outwards with the help of a sash that fixed on outer frame
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Sliding Window

Smart Home Decor Sliding Window range is designed to provide the maximum flexibility for fabricators and clients alike.
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Bottom Hung

Bottom-hung and top-hung windows were developed around 1890. Bottom-hung windows have an operable sash and bottom-mounted hinges where the sash meets the frame. Top-hung windows have an operable sash and top-mounted hinges where the sash meets the frame.
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Awning / Top Hung

Projecting top-hung or awning windows were developed in 1972. Top-hung windows have an operable sash that pivots at the top. When opened, the sash dips downward slightly. The vertical position of the upper sash can be changed.

Tilt and Turn

A tilt and turn window can both tilt inwards at the top, like a hopper window, or open inwards from hinges at the side. The tilt position provides draft-free ventilation and rain protection. In the turn position, Tilt & Turn windows act as casement windows, swinging their full glass area open.
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Fixed Window

Fixed windows (often called a picture window) is a standard window that is non-operational. As such, these windows do not have a handle, hinges, or any operable hardware. Fixed windows permit light to enter while remaining closed to the exterior environment (unlike an operable window, which can open and close).
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Garden Window

A garden window is similar to a bay window in that it extends out and has four panes of glass that form a square. It looks like a bay window that is about half the size of a traditional bay window
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Centre Hinge

Our CENTER HINGE window features one stationary window and one active window that's hinged in the middle of the patio unit. ... This unit has a unique sliding screen door that features an uPVC extruded design ensuring highest quality construction and durability.